While some museums just stick to the basic interpretation of their mission and collections, others seek to creatively interpret theirs. Usually done in temporary exhibits; the goal is to draw in new or repeat visitors to see the collection in a whole new light. While some museums go for the dramatic, others guide towards the whimsical showing the ‘fun’ side of history. A great example of this is the upcoming temporary exhibit at the Wildwood Historic Center. On display only for Arbor Day Weekend, April 28 – 30, the exhibit is titled “Edwardians Unlaced & Unbuttoned-What?” During that weekend, the Wildwood House will feature displays of Edwardian clothing; the last period of the Victorian Era. Essentially 1901 to 1910, the fashions of the era can also be marked from 1890 to the beginning of World War I. The emphasis of his exhibit will be on the undergarments. There will be unlaced corsets lying about and more ‘modern’ camisoles displayed, including a few pieces of men’s undergarments. The clothes on the mannequins will be left intentionally unbuttoned so their undergarments are revealed. While the Wildwood Historic Center has a pretty extensive collection of clothing, additional artifacts on display are on loan from the Syracuse Museum of Memories. This is a great opportunity for a history lesson of the fashions of the last century. Flipping through a book or searching internet may give you a better idea of the clothing of the period but odds are they will not give a ‘behind the scenes’ images like you will see in this temporary exhibit. As it is the beginning of the tourism season, like during the past several years, local visitors receive free admission to the Historic Center.